The Last Call…


“God is with us.  God is here.  It is not the time for those who will come to give the word of God.  So I am here in the fullness of God and with His blessed love to dispose about thee, upon thee and within thee, His children.

I come to give you a word of encouragement in these troublesome times of change.  I call upon thee to be patient and I call upon thee to be firm, and I say to you: Let all things past be in the past.  Allow them to go.  Hold thee not on to anything just for thine own comfort, or out of fear of not knowing, of uncertainty; and let your faith and trust in God and His guidance be thine and thine alone, for God will support thee in all that He has in mind for thee.

Every living soul upon this Earth is coming into conflict with the forces.  He hears within himself the calling of God, but he is afraid to listen.  He is afraid to let go of his supports.  He is afraid to let go of himself.  For the people of the world, so many of them, have learnt to do without God.  They have drawn on all supplies.  They have drained the Earth and the batteries of the Earth almost dry to extinction, and now they cry out for sustenance, and still they will not let go and go to God.

Still they will not listen to the inner voice.  Still they will not listen when we come and we speak to thee.  You give out the words and still they will not listen.  But as long as you have done your part, as long as you persevere, as long as you hide not thy light, you have naught to fear for you have done what you dedicated yourselves to do, and it is only in the lack of doing that any danger or fear should come upon thee.

Offer, and offer, and offer yet again, and then keep not the word there longer.  Take it to others.  And your task does not end there, for not only have you got to get another to listen, you have to get that other one to take it yet again, further afield.  And there is nothing, nothing in the world as it is today, to give thee guidance, except through this word of God that comes for these times now.  Nothing can save you from the past.  Only from the present and future can the world and man alike be saved in the perfection of God.

How dare man abuse this wondrous planet so—the garden of Eden, called by you peoples of the world as though it was something past and never to be again?  Do you think that God in all His love and mercy and understanding would give to His children and take away unless they themselves forced this?

It is not God who causes all these troubles, all these wranglings between nations, between each other.  It is not God.  For long He has left man to his free will.  Was that not a gift to mankind?

But it has been cast back at Him with all abuse and non-love and non-God.  And God takes stock of what has become of the wonder that was His, that was thine, and of what they have done with it.

Man suffers, the Earth suffers, the heavens suffer, all living things suffer—everything that crawls or creeps or walks upon the Earth—suffers.  Suffers because of man.  And at last God has raised His hand, and He has said,

No more will my children who love me, whether they be birds or beasts or creeping things or man himself—no more will those who seek me out suffer for those who have turned from me.

And He cries out now to all.

This is the last call: the last great trumpet call, if you desire to call it so.  And if man refuses to hear it, then man must depend on man for any existence that he may have in the future.  But he will not be allowed to contaminate this Earth.  And when he leaves the body there will be no place for him to go; only to the like that attracts like.

As the world is righted so will be planets be righted, the planes of existence.  And those who deserve will inherit; they will inherit the Earth.  They will inherit the counterparts of Earth on the various levels and planes as they step, one above the other, to the very feet of God.

The great battle is on.  From many spheres those of might have gathered unto God to fight the battle, for fight they must and fight they will.  There have been wars in heaven before, and there will be wars again on the planes and on the people who are seeking and forcing their way, so called, into heaven.  But they will be allowed no footing there either.

I speak of this in order that you can understand: can understand why the conflict; why all this is happening and more to come; why you must go with the God force and not with the adverse force.  And do not gather unto yourselves the God force and then only give the adverse force strength.  Denounce now and at all times anything that will support the non-God.  Take back thy food; feed it not.  Prepare it and give it to another source.  This change will be likened in the future time to no comparison, on the speed of it or the perfection of it, on any planet, any world, any plane; never before has this occurred.

Many worlds have been destroyed because man has destroyed them.  Many worlds have been brought to the lowest of the lowest ebb and the hardest and the most terrible vibrations.  It has reduced itself to this because there is no God.

But God in His wisdom and His love, and for those who strive to serve and help Him—He will save this world.  He has given His word, and it will be.  And however much man or beast fight this, it will be.  However much people of the world gnash their teeth and cry out in forceful anger and rebellion, He will make no heed for, unless they infuse the spark of God within them at this time, it will go out.

The gift of God to all mankind has been the spark of His essence within each one, and it has been up to man himself whether the spark was fanned into some sort of light and action, or whether for his whole life existence here it has been naught but the spark.

The time has come for God to withdraw that which man refuses.

So change there is, and change there will be.  But look at it with joy and glory and thankfulness, for within years of your time mankind would have destroyed this world as sure as I am here in your presence at this time.

It was foretold in your Bible and many writings in the past, but God has changed this.  God has ordained otherwise by lifting His hand.  So no longer can you seek into the past for advice and the word, judgments, or so forth.  You must seek in the present, the now, and the future for what is and what is coming.

You must gird on your sword; fit yourself tight into your armour and fight: fight to uphold God as you know, and the way you know, and the way that is given.  And remember, if they turn against thee they will be slain.  But if they join thee, then they will make up the vast army for God, and they will sweep the world clean and make it ready for God’s blessings to be manifested once more upon this, the Earth.

For God made this world in His desire and in His likeness and perfection.  He made man in His own image and in order that He should tread this Earth again as your companion, your teacher and your helper.  The cleansing of this planet and the righting of it must come about, for you have isolated God to His heaven and He cannot return until it is made ready for Him.  It is no good having God in your heart and in heaven and in distances far.  You have to draw Him down, and lift up the Earth and yourselves.

Help Him.  Pull Him into thyself.  Pull Him down on the beams of the sun.  Bring Him down as the rain falls from the clouds, all the time lifting to reach Him.  It is not God who has to stretch forth His hands to thee; thou hast to reach up to Him, for He cannot clasp thee if the distance is too great.

O my children: you should be on your knees in gratitude in the knowing of this word.  Keep it not locked in thine own hearts.  Give it out to everyone.  It is not for you to decide whether they should or should not accept it.  If you give it, then you have done what God requires of thee.  If it is refused, then that is God’s affair and those of us who are concerned.

So hold fast to your faith.  Try to obey all that is given to thee.  Take not lightly thy dedications; do what we ask.  Draw in the powers.  Do all that you know of to help thee, to give thee physical strength to carry the armour and the sword, and to give thee speed in thy limbs and a good voice.

The force of God shall flow through thee and thy hands that thou might assist those who truly seek God.  Do not give God’s power to those of adversity, for they will only use it against thee.  And those who do not understand, then make them understand.

God knows of the difficulties.  He knows what you will have to stand in the future.  He knows what you must do, but He also gives you of His strength and He gives you His love.  And because you make it possible for me and others as me, God is able to reach you more easily.

You lift yourselves.  Let Him replenish you, and realise with all people that they are all going through this, and that those of God that are weaker need thy help.  Make them strong that they too can take up the fight.  Waste not your time with those who will not listen.  Keep it not within the box.  Remove the lid and let it flow out regardless.

There: I give thee God power.  I give thee God love.  I give thee my hands, my lips, my heart.  O children of the Earth who serve my Father, use me well that I too may be in perfection in my tasks for God on this your world.  Be thee not worn down by anyone.  Hold on.  Hold on, for God is nigh.  God is here.  God loves thee.

O God, hear them.  Hear them in their gratitude, and sustain them.  And, O God, give them understanding, the urgency.  Help them to love, my Father; to love in spite of all.

Take them in Thy arms, O God, and give them, always give them, of Thyself.

I humbly beseech thee Father that they will receive it in the truth that is; that they will herald Thy name and hide it not.  And that Thy word will be given.  For it is only by word and deed and strength and faith that this world can exist in the time of this change, that the people be enabled to take all the force and power.

O children here, heed me.  Heed me.

And, Father God, we humbly beseech Thee to bless us all in our service to Thee, that we may dwell in peace and happiness within ourselves, regardless of all battles and all adversity.

Thank you.

Go thee now; we will meet again.

God’s blessing be thine.  Peace upon thee; a quiet mind, a gentle heart, and enlightenment, understanding.

So be it.


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