I have now lived a long life and have had the opportunity to give much of it to the service of God and His purposes on Earth at this time.  I am not unique in this; there are many people who do the same, but I would like to share with you aspects of my experience – The Solar Quest.

For more than forty years, I have followed a path set by God to help restore Mother Earth to Her true place in the cosmos.  At first, my companion was Vera Strachan, whom I later married, and then there were and have been others. 

Guided by inspired teachings received by Vera from the Masters in Light, we have been involved in work of “activation” to help heal Mother Earth; and these teachings and details of the work are set out in this website.

I hope you will be guided and uplifted by them and begin to play your part in this important work.

To enable you to embark upon your own study of the teachings of The Solar Quest, I recommend that you read one particular teaching, “The Last Call…”  Click here

Finally, I recommend you consider forming a group to study the teachings of The Solar Quest. To do this, see the last paragraph of page 7 and page 8 of Activation & The Solar QuestClick here



William Elmhirst