About The Solar Quest

I wish at this time to tell you of this wondrous Earth power. For all times there has been this crossing of power in and over your world in a direct line and pathway to the cosmos and you are endeavouring to draw of this power and to link it up to the power that is directed to your world.

In the beginning of time, when this your world had cooled and become a suitable place, then those from the spheres came and dwelt herein bringing their power and their knowledge to generate this your world.

For aeons of time they were here in force of spirit taking on a semi-human appearance, for they were the Els, who brought the beginning of man and after their preparation man was born from their substance and became the human.

At this time the humans were in perfection. They had the ability of knowing. They had the ability of being themselves spirit-cum-man and with the cooling and the process of this your Earth plane, with all that they had, they wanted more.

So came the fall of man and all the troubles of your world began because of the wanting and desire for more. Each one wanted to gather power for himself. Dictatorship of one to the other came about and your world has suffered.

And those of first coming were forced to withdraw from this your Earth plane because of man’s increasing heaviness and lost their terrestrial form and took on once more life in light essence. And many other worlds they visited and remained in for due time.

And now to my point: these people of God have once more turned their eyes to this your planet world and they are saddened at the result of their beginning and they return to the nearness of your world, bringing their power, their magnetic force.

For much time the light force has been given to your world by us also of spirit. We have prepared the way. We have reinforced these power spots upon your world and now we need the assistance of man that he shall carry the power of God in his awareness and so upon his feet and at his touch. Let your very beings be absorbed by this power; receive it unto yourselves and in your filling you will have all strength and ability to carry it with you on your journeys.

This awareness tunes you to the mighty electrical forces that these first people of God created for you in this your world. And once again it is being regenerated, for it is in the scheme of things that this your planet world shall be restored, not destroyed; and that the heaviness of man shall gradually fall from him and that his vibration shall quicken and a lightness shall come about him.

This process is now in being and it is of great importance that it is conveyed to all thinking peoples, for all peoples who have concern for this your world, who have God in their minds and in their hearts.

Know that this world must be governed by One,by One Force; and that it should be looked up on as One Whole ,and in time it shall be a one thinking with all peoples, a one thinking and a desire to create—to create in spirit and in form. The lust of man shall fall from him with his density receding. You will learn to take your strength and your essence from this power and in time you will notice that your intake of food is not as excessive or as necessary. Do not be foolish, for until this time is right you cannot take all your food from the spheres and from the atmosphere. So be governed by the law of balance.Try to understand that in the highness of your thinking shall you tune in to pure light, that in this pure light all truths lie. As you lift yourselves up by practice daily you will find your quickening will come. You will become a lighter vibration altogether and you will learn to use your bodies for the purpose of your being while here on this planet; and you will care for your bodies for they are precious unto you for that which you must do has need of them.

Know each one of you that you are in care of those of highness and your very needs are met.  All your conditions will be put aright and you will cast from your mind any fears that you may have and in complete trust know that what is right and good for you will be worked out in due time for your own well-being. That which hinders you will be removed and you will have a balance in your minds and a clearer understanding of that which you must do on a physical level.

Remember that man in form can not live in spirit alone. He must learn to live within himself and vibrate in the condition that he has at this time.
When you have left this Earth experience you will no longer have use of your bodies and you will take on your finer form and you will not be restricted in the manner that you are now. You have a knowing of this when you are in your sleep and you do much more in your sleep than you are doing at your present time in your waking, but now is the time to join together experience of sleep and your living life here.

Be patient and steadfast. That which you do not know and understand, then ask. Be at peace within yourselves. Balance your thinking. Balance your very lives. Balance the very air that you breathe. Breathe properly and without waste. Sleep in the night times. Keep wakeful in the day times. If you sleep in the day then you are going out of your body into the other experience which is good in balance, but remember you have to live in your bodies. Do not retreat into sleep, only at the proper times.

Try to listen and to understand. As you open yourselves we shall come in feeding you with information, awakening your memories and showing you the future and drawing on the power that was given in the past. The power that first created here for you is once again coming into its own and joined to the power that is being directed to you will bring such force that men themselves will indeed be gods unto themselves in their ways of life.

Strive ye not alone. Together all mountains can be climbed, all obstacles surmounted.  Be of good cheer.  Go ye your ways.